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It's the future. Not too distant. You're alive, and aware. The world outside your door is crumbling beneath a regime made of steel. Do something about it.

Explore the world of Systems Online with this demo! Jump straight into the new world with an exciting investigation that ends in intense stealth action! Then drive to freedom, before it's too late!

This is a demo for a fictional game. The game isn't being made, only this demo is.

This project was created in a 12-15 week time period in my final module at Teesside University. The goal of the project was to familiarize myself with Unreal, learn the tools required for creating games to the fullest extent I could, and make something at least competent that represents the first step in using those skills. I'm pretty happy with the result. It could be better, but then I'd need more time, and I'd rather move on from this.

You'll need an Xbox controller to play the game.

If there's anything you think could be improved, please let me know! A feedback form is here:

Systems Online Feedback Form

Install instructions

A readme is included in the instructions for playing the game. It is required to read it.


SystemsOnlineV1.zip 256 MB

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